Wednesday, September 12, 2018

spidergoat magic item market

purchasing a magic item requires paying 5,000 coins and d4 days of research simply to view d3 items for purchase. Each of these items can be bought for an additional 5,000 coins upon viewing. to find other items for sale an additional 5.000 coins and d4 days must be spent for d3 more items.

benefits: roll 1

  1. stronger: +2  armor
  2. reflecting: magic deflects off item
  3. if used to strike opponent will deal d4 extra lighting/acid/fire
  4. item has personality, knows shit
  5. opponent's weapons stick to item
  6. softens blows to wielder/wearer: attacks use next lower damage die
  7. doesn't interfere with spellcasting (if applicable)
  8. casts magic missle 1/day
  9. grants nightvision, 35'
  10. has large "A" on it; reflects spears only
additional attributes (roll 1):
  1. loved ones think you smell bad
  2. eyeballs
  3. item bruises, will die if overused
  4. can self-destruct as time bomb, 5d6 10'
  5. item is so large that it cannot fit in house, perfectly usable, does normal damage (think buster sword -ed)
  6. has many cracks in it
  7. seems very old ans cannot be cleaned, trails dust, makes things around it seem old
  8. throwing this item in a pit will "hurt" the pit
  9. feather falls - just the item, tho
  10. item occasionally goes and has its own adventures
  11. attracts mice
  12. user feels time slower, no benefit
  13. peripheral vision has clowns
  14. item poops and needs to be changed
  15. ~
additional benefits (roll on this table half of the time):
  1. sticky
  2. shitty
  3. shiny
  4. bloodlust
  5. x2 damage, x2 price
  6. destroys armor
  7. accurate +1 skill etc.
  8. vomits
  9. glows
  10. causes lust
  11. sings
  12. sticky
  13. hands attached
  14. reverse time for those struck
  15. rusty
curses (roll as needed):
  1. gets very hot
  2. half of the time, not "real", 
  3. random targets
  4. opponents occasionally get bonuses
  5. screams in pain
  6. super heavy
  7. damns you to hell
  8. eyes bleed when using
  9. occasionally hits monster with you!
  10. converts life force into more {item}


  1. Additional attributes:
    15. Has your secrets written all over it, even if you don't buy it
    16. Speak in your dreams, uses a name other than yours, over time you start to forget your own
    17. Doesn't exist on Tuesdays
    18. If it comes in contact with similar objects/materials, sticks together like strong magnets
    19. Improbably difficult to use if it doesn't like you. Hates the current salesperson
    20. Roll again on this table every week, either replaces or adds