Saturday, January 27, 2018

"the magic wand" review

the magic wand

there is some to explore but not much
more of a discrete forward-moving tale than gob grot
like a short story although with novel-length tropes
feels like a condensed novel, condensed via video gaming
interest in art like that
catamite's games feel like soft-boiled renditions on popular academic themes
with the extent to mostly paucify their message
i.e magic wand feels like a sad goodbye to art
nostalgic, making
a meaning relating to slidey boop boop noise rpgs
way these have of expressing scale
the idfference is, catamites is really good at writing
like 'cause he's well read
but also can inhabit these character voices
which draw on bildungsroman-like novels
like it's surprising that enough density is packed into radiget
he's not interested in helping anyone else, but at the same time
there seems to be a larger story behind it all
w/r/t the magic wand. also,
capsule toys. It's not
a zero-sum thing. The capsule toys
are there because
radiget and friends love capsule toys.
"an eroding of authority". while at the same time,
trying to ossify a fantasy for a period. a short story,
somewhat apologetic like the robert walser bit.
but the difference is, however temporary,
thecatamites performs for us, a landscape
some characters, grasps a temporary lunatic vibe,
and a dark scary chilling one, and then a sense of something ominous,
maybe- and then you walk past the giant overworld
maps with a mountain-sized skull of a king.

I think it's designed to be easy
to dismiss-out-hand. Sort of like
Robert Walser. Tinylittle pixelgame,
only 30min long. 
Has a lot of art, not
too much, mostly
it's made out of block art,
stereoscopic 3d thing
lit about $5. "music and colors" "wandering" gamejam games
game element over design... primacy of colors, hooting
but lodged within nostalgia. in a space where everything is filtered through games. memory. childish renumeration. all games = activity of children = things we did when we were young = nostaligia. it's why it all has the veneer, to be true-to-life.
merritk said she broke up with videogames and that like pursuing the "these must mean something" feeling of them was endless, contexualized experience of being an abused or unhappy child playing games, spending hours of time writing games, games being ...
definite links to monsterkillers in some of the art, here (in "space people")... not all innocent either. things occasionally scary, which are innocent. windy the boss monster
there's no secret ending. it's just the real ending. it's a short story - from space people
coping mechanix gamez.
capturing 'n enshrining a nostalgia of private space