Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tenth post

review of “tusk”

kevin smith has made some other movies probably that are like this. I couldn’t get through “clerks”. The scene introducing Veronica was like, ok, more of that fun-but-cool 90’s wholesomeness stuff that was like Slipknot. You know, not too far from the christians, kinda surburban punk.

I watched “Tusk” on the basis of: someone told me to get high and watch it, and it had the “I’m a mac” guy in it. Well suffice to say folks getting my friends extremely high and watching the film was a repeat of my usually tendency to try and force people to watch terrifying and long films. Basically there’s a scene in “Tusk” which is an editor’s joke that goes on for I think twenty-thirty minutes and it’s just one of the intro scenes of the movie.

My main takeaway that I explained to my twin high after we got home was that “Tusk” was Kevin Smith’s warning to Millenials that they were not exempt from the pain in the world. Justin Long and Haley Joel Osmont (thank god) run a podcast called the “Not-See” party, so that is like a reference to the unimaginable pain and horror that Justin Long will go through in the film. It’s like comedy for the sake of being mean, contained in the film, it’s aspirational but in a box. You get the idea.

Kevin Smith though wouldn’t say that, he would probably just be all about taking me to task over the surburban punk bit, he’s like “I’ve got friends who did fucked up stuff, I live an original life” and I’m like yeah well we’re in the biggest heroin crisis we’ve ever seen right now, people are living traumatic lives, yadda yadda, turn me into a walrus I guess.