Wednesday, September 13, 2017

fourteenth post

  Ai Weiwei: Overrated?

“Without freedom of speech there is no modern world, just a barbaric one.” 
― Ai Weiwei

“I was in jail 81 days, but after 20 days my brain became completely empty; you need information to stay alive. When there’s no information you’re already dead. It’s a very, very strong test – I think more severe than any physical punishment.
All I wanted was a dictionary, even the simplest one.” 
― Ai WeiweiAi Weiwei

“The natural desire to save a cat is what it means to be a citizen.” 
― Ai Weiwei

“When human beings are scared and feel everything is exposed to the government, we will censor ourselves from free thinking. That's dangerous for human development.” 
― Ai Weiwei

“If my art has nothing to do with people's pain and sorrow, what is 'art' for?” 
― Ai Weiwei

“An artwork unable to make people feel uncomfortable or to feel different is not one worth creating. This is the difference between the artist and the fool.” 
― Ai WeiweiAi Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009

This one's good imo.