Saturday, February 25, 2017

fifth post

Review of “Get Out”

I feel really unhappy. Gutfeeling partially also haplessness/depression. Awful, I wonder if this movie helped me feel that.

Suffering and expression of suffering and dread and blank whiteness, just a photographer staring at a blank canvas, suburban house and a backyard and a psychological nightmare basement.

What’s in the basement, “it's full of black mold”, psychological nightmare terror of replacing a person's body with a white person’s mind. Decrepit old white people, staring, and like awful decrepit zombies brain surgeons who make Haitian zombi-like corpses out of black ppl. Horrific consequence to unimpeachable white violence and Daniel Kaluuya, who kills everyone at the end in a bloody lethargic mess. It's like a student film.

This isn't really a good film, despite the 100% on rotten tomatoes, it isn't well made and has very little craft to it, if that means good visual filmmaking. It's mostly soft talking actors, the consequences of which are horrifying as I said above, but the dialogue and the acting are all bland and even brokenly filmed. Really Jordan Peele does not know how to make a Hollywood quality movie, doesn't know about half the tricks to make a movie interesting at length, like for example varied lighting.

That said there are two perfect instances of filmmaking, the scenes where Daniel Kaluuya drops into the hypnotic paralysis he's induced to be in, absolutely traumatic nega void and the world projected on a tiny floating screen. First time this happens it's tremendous. Second moment is the opening of the film which is a black man walking through suburbia at night, gets choked and kidnapped by stalker, both actual reality and horror movie.